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Mobile Matters – Why go mobile?

Mobile DOES Matter! – Why should your business go mobile?

A mobile website is specially designed for small screens. It is different to a normal standard websites which are designed for computer screens. A mobile site is designed for the user in mind while they access a website using their handheld devices. A mobile website can help your business connect with new and existing customers and increase your sales. Having a bad mobile site or no mobile site can in effect do your business harm and drive your customers to your competition.

Did you know!

That there will be one mobile device for every person on earth by the year 2015? What about the fact that mobile has increased 4x since 2010! And that by the year 2013 more people will be using mobile to conduct their search online over PC’s?

My question to ask yourself, your competition are going mobile, ARE YOU?

Today, a user expects that their experience with mobile websites to be the same as a standard website. If they are finding a bad experience, you are loosing business.


why go mobile - customers say


Mobile does matter! 

why go mobile what do customers say


If you don’t have a mobile website, you are in fact helping your competition! 66% of users will find a mobile website through a search engine, if they do not find what they are looking for from a mobile friendly website that 79% mobile searchers are more likely to go back and conduct another search, while they are FIVE more times likely to abandon the task altogether!

Before thinking about if you think your business needs an App over a Mobile Website as your first priority, Based on Adobe Systems “Adobe Mobile Experience Survey,” 2011 and eMarketer, 2011:

  • 81% of users prefer mobile sites to apps for researching prices.
  • 79% prefer mobile sites for reviewing product reviews.
  • 63% prefer them for purchasing online.

It is safe to say, that even though apps can be fun, customers prefer to use a mobile website.

Can you drive customers to buy from your business through a Mobile Website?

The answer is YES! you can drive more purchases using a mobile friendly website. Lightspeed Research; Google “The Mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone Users,” 2011 says that based on their finding and statistics:

  • 70% have compared product pricing using a mobile phone.
  • 65% have used their mobile phones to read and review products.
  • 50% of mobile searches lead to purchases!

SO! Are you Mobile Yet?


Contact us at Australian Website Solutions to get your Mobile Website created!

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Case Study 1:

Tickets Now

Tickets Now wanted to improve a customers experience when ordering tickets in as many fewer steps as possible on their mobile devices.

tickets now mobile view

“Mobile Site Highlights

At first TicketsNow considered building a mobile app, but soon realized it that a mobile site was a better choice for them: it would work on all platforms and be easier to update. The new mobile site concentrates on making ticket and event information accessible and purchases a breeze. Simple, direct navigation helps users quickly find events that interest them and prominent search functionality makes it easy for customers who know exactly what they want to zero in. Ticket listings can be sorted by price, seat location and number available to further help filter results. Once a customer is ready to buy, a streamlined checkout process keeps purchases stress-free…”

Download the full case study here.


Case Study 2:

Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc., (IAAI)

By having a mobile website Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc., (IAAI) have found that 20% of all sales conversions come from their Mobile Website!

“Mobile Site Highlights

The IAAI mobile site concentrates on content that drives fast conversions: location info, the online price guide, and strong calls to action. Anonymous price quotes and a photo guide to vehicle conditions have increased conversion rates dramatically. Simplified navigation and forms make it easy for customers to get in touch. “The mobile site is about contacting us quickly. We know we only have a few minutes of their time,” Sieger notes…”

Download the Full Case Study Here.


What Next…

Lets face it, more and more users are using their mobile devices to search and contact businesses. It is only increasing! The fastest way to have mobile customers is through a mobile-friendly website. If your mobile websites offers a customer a great experience then you have increased the chances they will buy from you.

Call us today for a no-obligation free quote to have your very own mobile-friendly website for your business!


Contact us at Australian Website Solutions to get your Mobile Website created!

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why go mobile - customers say
why go mobile what do customers say
tickets now mobile view

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