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Many Methods to Online Marketing

That is right, there are many methods to Marketing Online. Owning a website is not enough anymore, you have to work your site to reap the true benefits online today, lucky for you, we know all about it and what is required.

Online Marketing is a very important key factor to a successful business, done correctly, your site could be in the front line of thousands even millions of customers. Its important to have a detailed marketing strategy in place. Here at Australian Website Solutions we take care to look carefully at your business, your website, they type of audience and the type of traffic you require to effectively put together a special campaign that will help you and your website to increase traffic and conversions. We get to work on getting you in that front line.


What are the real benefits to online marketing?

1. Targeting quality traffic and generating quality leads

2. Marketing campaigns for true maximum effectiveness

3. Traceable ROI and instant conversions

4. Increase brand awareness, sales, traffic and conversions


Here are some forms of online marketing we help clients with.

  • SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

    • Increase  Search Engine Traffic
    • Increase your rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing
    • Higher Search Engine Traffic Significantly increases traffic and sales
    • Target and Deliver Quality Leads to your Website


    SEO activation

    Website Analytic’s Setup
    Its important to get your return on investment. With Google Analytic’s allows you to measure your advertising and track all your websites statistics in one place.

    Website Analytic’s Goal Setting
    Our highly level of experts in SEO will will setup a number of SEO goals to measure your business objectives and setup report to help improve your websites goals

    Search Engine Submission
    We know how to accelerate your search engine submission

    Google Webmaster Tools
    Google Webmaster Tools allow you to receive detailed data about site crawling, site indexing and search traffic

    Google Maps Submission
    We will get you on the ‘map’ by doing this you will be accelerated in the search listings

    Moderated Directory Submissions
    We know the best places for directory submissions, our team will handle this for you

    XML Sitemap Generation
    Its imperative to have an accurate site map so search engines can successfully crawl your website

    SEO reporting

    SEO reporting
    Initial placement report
    Its important to know where you stand, so we will provide you with a detailed report which will detail your current postioning for targeting keywords

    Content suggestions report
    You will receive a comprehensive list of changes required to improve your web sites search engine rankings.

    Keyword conversion report
    You will need to know if visitors are converting into sales or if any adjustments may be required. This is a very important part of your SEO program.

    Competition analysis
    Our SEO team experts will provide you with information on your competition and your keywords.

    Custom analytic reporting

    Web analytics report
    We provide you with a comprehensive analytic statistics report on your visitors to your site.

    Web ranking report
    With all your related keywords, we will provide your with a report details your site movement in the search engines.

    If you are not in the search engines you are loosing out on high potential sales to your business. Today millions of users use search engines to find a product or service they are seeking. SEO refines your website so that search engines like Google deliver quality visitors to websites based on specific keyword terms to target customers.

    Ideally, you will want high quality leads that you can convert into buyers. Thanks to Google, Yahoo and Bing, it has become easier to target specific audiences to come to your site.

    We have a range of different packages available to help bring you more visitors to help generate more sales.

    SEO planning

    SEO Planning

    Site Analysis
    Our experts will analyse your website and take a look at how your site is positioning in relation to traffic, the competition and see if there are any SEO issues.

    Keyword Analysis
    We complete detailed research keyword analysis relating to your industry and what people are actually entering into the search engines for your industry.

    Website Design Enhancements
    Its important to keep your website up to date when it comes to SEO, our team will take a close look at your website and recommend changes that are required now and ongoing for the future success of your website.

    You will have access to your own personal SEO expert so you can be kept up to date and to help you with any questions you may have

    Link building

    Link building

    Inbound & outbound link building
    During the course of your campaigns, we help build solid quality inbound and outbound link building as link building is a critical rank building technique.

    Links page management
    Australian Website solutions SEO team will maintain your link page management throughout the course of your campaigns. Its important for search engine progression to maintain this balance while ranking in the search engines.

    SEO Search



    On-site SEO implementation


    On-site SEO implementation

    Site Improvisation
    At the end of each month analysis, our SEO team will carry out the necessary changes needed to your website to improve the following month to ensure positive search engine rankings.

    Meta Tag Adjustments
    Along with Site Optimizations, your keywords will be updated accordingly on each page to reflect your content accurately.

    Friendly Navigation
    Our SEO team will modify/update your navigation utilizing CSS to ensure it is correctly optimized according to your keywords

    Source Code Optimization
    Source Code Optimization is something that is often missed.Our team will update any scripts and your websites source code including the style sheets to ensure proper optimization.

    Keyword Density Copy Writing
    You can kill a website if it is over the keyword density, Australian Website Solutions will ensure the proper use and amount of keywords is correctly inserted into each page so you are getting the most from your content.

    Google Maps Optimization
    Local Search is extremely important to local businesses, we will optimize your content to improve your local listings.


  • PayPerClick – PPC
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Tab 5 Content
  • Tab 6 Content


What about Offline Marketing?

So glad you thought to ask this question! There is one particular method on offline marketing we like to help clients with, and that is Mobile Marketing. With Mobiles on the increase, you can have access to your customers wherever they are.  Not everyone is at home on their computers, but just about everyone has a mobile on them.


It is important to help you better that we speak with you about your requirements, please click the button to go and create a appointment with us.

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