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Australian Website Designing

Australian website designs

Australian Website Designing

Once upon a time websites were for those who had a lot of money to spend. Today, a website is much more affordable and now everyone is getting one.

If you own a business then you should own a website. Websites are now becoming the businesses store front. It is a place where more and more people are looking for their choice of product or service online. With a website to show off your business, products and services, you are giving new customers their foot in the door to you’re business.

Australian Website Solutions, will work closely with you to create a website that is professional and easy for the customer to use. We understand that a website is your business front, it may be the first point of call to many customers and clients. Here at Australian Website Solutions we make sure your website is designed to reflect your professional services.

We can cater for any type of website, from a simple Blog to a complex database driven website to content management systems (CMS).

No matter if you have a service you simply would like to have online, like – Teaching, Cleaning, Photography, Building companies or if you are after a community social website to be developed and designed, talk to us, our customer service experience has taught us that most people do not need to have all the fancy words when discussing website development and design, we will explain and answer your questions that will help you completely understand how a website will work and help your business

All types of websites

Talk to us about your business and the type of products and services you offer, we have many types of options that will best suit your budget.

Some clients would prefer to have a website built from the ground up so it is customized to the exact needs of their business, this may very well include special CMS and customized databases small or large.

While others don’t mind having CMS like Joomla, Opencart, and others,  customized to their needs.

Who ever you are, and any type of budget, Australian Website Solutions will make sure you are getting value for your money and the much needed ongoing support that you will require long after your website is completed.

Get started by talking with us, with no obligation, find out how we at Australian Website Solutions can help you and your business, create and grow it’s presence online.


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Important Points on Why You SHOULD Have a Website

By having a Website you will have access to a large International market.

Here are some important factors as to why a website is beneficial

•     Increase awareness of your products or services.
•     Most cost-effective way to promote your business.
•     Always accessible (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
•     Advertising is cheaper on the web and is more targeted.
•     Reduce your distribution costs
•     You are able to target particular products to your customers.and Clients
•     No postage costs!
•     Customers maybe able to purchase your products at any time through your online store.
•     The Web is the digital library of the future. Some people say – If you have not got a web-site now or in the near future, not only are you missing out, you are adding your business to the list of “the forgotten”.
•     Flexibility to update your website, without the need to re-print catalogs or publicity – simply add or delete pages as and when you are ready.
•     Have your own Unique URL (Web and e-mail address),
•     Have access to e-mail account(s)
•     You could include a searchable database of your products Then customers can view and search all of your products easy, view pictures of them and all details, before they purchase from you.
•     Up to the second information for your customers
•     The Internet is the way of the present and future, customers and visitors are using this method as a way to shop online or access information to make informed decisions in the comfort of their homes.
•     All of these methods will cut business costs enabling you to spend more time on increasing your market share and profit.


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